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Heavy traffic, pile and sheet driving, machinery and earthquakes can cause vibrations in buildings. These vibrations can lead to damage and / or instability. In the Netherlands, vibrations are assessed according to SBR guidelines. There are namely three directives; SBR A directive (damage to buildings), SBR directive B (hinder by vibrations in buildings) and SBR directive C (damage to equipment).

The AuroVibe is a revolutionary development in the field of vibration monitoring. The AuroVibe fully automated vibration measurement kit can be used outdoors, 24/7, at any location without a problem. Fully plug-and-Play, there is no complicated software, firewalls or server settings. The AuroVibe uses modern tri-axial planar shear piezoelectric accelerometers with temperature monitoring and MEMS sensor for additional control of the acceleration sensor. The AuroVibe can measure and monitor vibrations according to SBR guidelines or other international guidelines quickly, easily, efficiently and very accurately. The Auro-Vibe fully complies with the SBR directive and the unit’s sensors, complete measuring circuit and filters are fully certified by an independent accreditation council laboratory. The RvA calibration certificate is the only valid proof that a vibration meter complies with the SBR directive and DIN 45,669 to 1. Below is an impression of the AuroVibe dashboard showing ways the vibration meter can be set, how data is presented, how alarms are produced, etc